The horse with nine lives!

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post for weeks and weeks. I always try to share both our ups and downs with you guys as I want to give you a true sense of what life as a Para Endurance Rider is really like. After loosing both Edmund and Georgeasaurus in quick succession in […]

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Let’s talk about Pea Soup!

The weather in the UK the last few weeks seems to have been pretty standard; from one end of the country to the other we’ve all been lost in the clouds of fog and gloomy drizzle! Now it’s not the fog that has annoyed me this week, but how the general public has dealt with […]

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Help! We’re in Hot Water!

What’s so wrong with water anyway? With temperature set to sore across the UK this week horse owners up and down the country have been worrying about the best way to keep their horses hydrated. But have you ever stopped to wonder about wether you should be keeping yourself hydrated too? When we are hot […]

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When is a failure not a failure?

EGB Shipley Park Ride Report Last weekend saw the day we’d been waiting for since the New Year, the first Endurance GB ride! We’ve had so many cancelled up and down the country because of the torrential rain and at times hurricane strength winds that the season has been a long time coming for riders […]

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EGB Wellow Vlog

Finally got round to uploading the video I took on our new hat cam at EGB Wellow last weekend. I’ve been a bit behind the times in terms of getting a hat cam it would seem, though not through want! The market seems to be flooded with everything from a £6.99 basic model right up […]

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